Tuesday, April 18, 2017

So, This Is What I Wanted To Tell You This Morning..

I know it hurts sometimes, but perhaps, just for today, you’d be willing consider the idea that your heart aching (and maybe even breaking) is actually the beginning of something beautiful happening: Maybe it’s your ego cracking and your heart is about to burst open.

What I want to say to you now is if you’re stuck in the darkness; wallowing in this viciously depressive state, incanting numerous negative things to yourself and latching onto every possible limiting belief you can conjure, there is another way. I know it feels lonely and you probably feel pissed off and swindled and misunderstood and broken, but I promise you: There is a glowing light inside you that can never be dimmed. There is, even right now, a beaming joyful life force more radiant than a thousand suns capable of making you see who you really are.

You, My Beloved Friend, are a Cosmic Happening rooted in local event. You are a way for this gorgeous Universe to see itself. In fact, whether you believe it or not, every damn fiber of your damn being is gorgeous and holy and forged in the furnace of a thousand suns. And guess what? You’re not Broken. Not by a damn long shot.

And Look - Just so we’re clear.. I’m a mess, too. And I realize this 5am rant makes very little sense to most of you. I can accept that and I still love you because you're Rad. But, if you glean nothing else from this emotive madness, please just know that I’m trying to tell you that you’re f*cking Beautiful and you are Loved more than you could possibly imagine.

And I’ll go even further. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done. It doesn’t matter what you can’t let go of. It doesn’t matter what you’re afraid to admit out loud. You Deserve To Be Loved.

Change starts in one moment, in one day. Why not make it today? What a day to learn to love the mess you are and embrace every bit of it. Because I do. I freaking Love you and, let me reaffirm: you deserve to be loved. So, come on.. Just try for it today. Just stand up and Be Loved. And, if you have the energy to move it on down the line, love the f*ck out of someone else, too.