Sunday, January 11, 2015

In Defense Of Civilization..

I'm damn tired of breathing the same air as these mind-numblingly crude religious absolutists, who take their pathetic edicts from the bawling, fearful infancy of the human species. And I'm tired of watching these cretinous troglodytes throw murderous temper tantrums, in the name of their Invisible Conqueror, and at the expense of those of who of us who continue uphold the values of the Enlightenment.

In the end, Civilization will always defeat their barbaric superstitions. Deference to their bestial beliefs and crude customs will soon be a thing of the past (where it belongs, anyway). The compulsory inculcation of faith will be shunned the world over. A new age of reason will dawn. Women, long repressed by sinister social shackles in their countries, will finally and rightfully be championed; rewarded with an education and with the dignity these merciless jackals have so long denied them. Let us not forget the thousands of heroic women who continue to stand up to the bleak horrors of Theocracy, defying their captors, in many cases daily risking disfigurement, torture and even death. A new day will soon be upon us and their heroic deeds will be lionized. Their former captors will be mocked, scorned, humiliated and imprisoned.

They will not silence artistic expression. They will not silence creativity. And they'll damn well not silence Humor, which remains one of the most powerful and courageous tools in the human arsenal. The shrug and wit of humanity cannot be repressed, and one hundred thousand murderous fundamentalists cannot dim the light of progress, which will continue to sing out and surge forward.

We will win this thing.

So, allow me to say, respectfully: Fuck You.